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Message from the Dean

Thanks to rapid advancements in information technology, technological developments and information accumulation are occurring at an astonishing pace each year. Korea is ranked among the world’s top 10 in terms of trade and information technology. The School of Industrial Management Engineering must gain international competitiveness commensurate with Korea’s global reputation. With the emergence of information societies, it is time to acknowledge that the world today is driven by information, technology and capital.

The School of Industrial Management Engineering focuses on enabling the efficient operation of convergence systems built upon information, technology and capital. Students learn to maximize the efficiency of complex systems involving manufacturing, logistics, information and people, and become familiar with various topics in engineering, management strategy, policy and management science. Interdisciplinary research is encouraged to derive optimal results and to produce outstanding human resources.

Recognizing the importance of global competitiveness, the School has expanded the number of lectures taught in English and appointed international faculty from around the world. Its internationalization efforts include the organization of international academic conferences, submission of academic papers to international journals, joint degree programs with overseas universities, and participation in international projects.

We would not have made it this far without our excellent students, alumni, and partner institutions. On behalf of the faculty, staff and students, I promise to do my best to improve the international standing of the School of Industrial Management Engineering in the next ten years. I look forward to your support and encouragement.

HongSeo Ryoo, Dean