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Data Mining & Quality Management Lab

Data Mining & Quality Management Lab
Professor Seoung Bum Kim Homepage http://dmqm.korea.ac.kr
Tel 02-3290-3769 E-mail sbkim1@korea.ac.kr
LAB Owing to the rapid development of information technology and data acquisition devices, we have come across an era where data grows at exceptional speed in both volume and complexity. Correspondingly, so large have the quantities grown that the world immediately demands new tools and methods to analyze it and reveal the underlying patterns for further exploitation. As relentless researchers at Data Mining & Quality Management (DMQM) Lab, we strive to study and develop sophisticated data mining and machine learning algorithms which will prove to yield useful information for data-driven decision making. Our application fields of interest include, but are not limited to, manufacturing, marketing, environmental science, healthcare, and forensic medicine.
Field interface between statistical process control and machine learning, interface between optimization and machine learning, data mining and machine learning algorithm
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