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Fusion Data Analytics Lab

Fusion Data Analytics Lab
Professor Sung Won Han Homepage http://fdai.korea.ac.kr
Tel 02-3290-3384 E-mail swhan@korea.ac.kr
LAB Fusion Data Analytics Lab analyzes high dimensional data / big data, which occurs in the field of fusion study (bio/health, nano, information and communication, insurance & finance), with data mining and machine learning techniques. In addition, we develop and examine models for the related system.
We are currently focusing on two research areas. One is the network problems in the field of high dimensional / big data. The other is the data analysis and machine learning of complex system which has big data as well as the related monitoring problems.
For instance, one of the researches in process is on new statistical methods using directional graphical models in order to derive complex networks that have high dimensional data. Furthermore, we are also researching on machine learning and deep learning methods for estimating the results from the explanatory variables and on healthcare monitoring problems based on sequential change point theory.
Field Methodology: high dimensional data analytics, big data analytics, probabilistic graphical modeling, machine learning, deep learning, statistics, optimization, etc.
Application: genetics, biomedical, healthcare, nanotechnology, information technology, manufacturing/quality control, etc.
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