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Information Network Lab

Information Network Lab
Professor Hongchul Lee Homepage http://infornet.korea.ac.kr
Tel 02-3290-3774
LAB Current IT industry has evolved through mainframe era of 70s, PC era of 80s, internet era of 90s, and ubiquitous computing era of the new millennium. In the future, usage of information will become important due to the convergence of hardware, software, communication, and network. Information Network Lab is researching about strategic use of IT to effectively deal with ubiquitous environment. Based on industrial engineering, which has optimization and efficiency as its foundation, Information Network Lab’s research includes, but not limited to, development, analysis, and design of information systems. Many theories from areas of network, artificial intelligence, supply chain, and production management are used to conduct projects related to SCM, LMS, and ISP. Information Network Lab is also preparing for the ubiquitous era by effectively designing web services and RFIDs.
Field radio frequency identification, semantic web, simulation, supply chain management, customer relationship management, logistic management system, postal automation system, information strategy plan
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