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Intelligent Information System Lab

Intelligent Information System Lab
Professor Dongsik Jang Homepage http://vision.korea.ac.kr
Tel 02-3290-3900 E-mail jang@korea.ac.kr
LAB The market environment in modern industrial society is very complex and rapidly changing. The importance of technology management has been emphasized in predicting the changes in the environment and in achieving effective management innovation of enterprises. Timely changes and innovations increase the likelihood of a company to exist, which is realized with appropriate foresights.
The main research topics of the laboratory are the prediction of vacant and emerging technologies using patent data based on data mining algorithms, the preoccupation of promising technologies through intellectual property (IP) creation, IP-based R&D and management strategy establishment, and technology valuation for IP commercialization.
Field management of technology (MOT), technology forecasting, business performance forecasting, technology valuation, IP R&D, data mining, text mining for patent documents
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