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Educational Objectives

Fostering of new intellectuals who possess knowledge in management, engineering and IT

Fostering of new intellectuals who possess knowledge in management, engineering and IT

In today’s corporate management, information technology serves as a tool for management-related activities and as a strategic element that enhances industrial competitiveness. IT experts who possess both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in corporate management are in greater demand and thus enjoy higher social status.

The aim of this program is to nurture new intellectuals who possess expert knowledge in engineering, management and IT. The School of Industrial Management Engineering seeks to foster IT consultants and IT managers capable of efficient utilization and management of information technology based on their knowledge of general management, computers and communication.

Characteristics of the department

Intellectuals who lead all areas of advanced industries

Intellectuals who lead all areas of advanced industries

As a future-oriented department that integrates engineering and technology management, the School of Industrial Management Engineering owns state-of-the-art facilities for education and research, and offers a dynamic curriculum centered on team projects. The curriculum includes design courses aimed at helping graduates adapt to real-world environments.

  • System Analysis: Optimization, Operations Research, System Analysis, Metaheuristics
  • Quality/Statistics: Quality Management, prediction method, reliability, Simulation
  • Information System: Data Mining, Design of Information System, Image Information System
  • Management Engineering: Management Engineering, Technical Management Strategy, finance engineering, System Management
  • Production/Logistics: Analysis·Design·Control of Manufacturing/Production/Logistics, Supply Chain Management
  • Ergonomics: Design of Experiments, Ergonomics, Design of User Interface

School of Industrial Management Engineering - Mission

The School of Industrial Management engineering at Korea University nurtures leaders of the future technology society by:

  • Instilling the knowledge to understand, design, analyze, improve and assess the logic of all industries including systems, services, communications and finance
  • Providing high-quality education to analyze, develop, improve and assess various systems including people, machines, resources and facilities
  • Instilling the knowledge to conduct research in key industries such as manufacturing, communications, logistics and services
  • Striving to participate in joint projects with governments and other institutions through industry-academy cooperation and BK21

Ideal candidates for industrial management engineering

  • Individuals who are curious about the operating mechanism behind certain objects and methods that maximize efficiency
  • Individuals with an interest in systems and processes
  • Individuals capable of effective communication and producing results
  • Individuals who wish to expand their knowledge based on not only mathematics and science, but also a fundamental understanding of the humanities

Vision and career options

A comprehensive discipline that leads the flow of today’s information society

Any place with a process and information serves as a stage for industrial management engineering majors. Graduates of the School of Industrial Management Engineering are actively involved in the rational and efficient enhancement of productivity, maximizing of profits through reduced costs, and development of financial products. They work in diverse fields such as consulting, IT, energy, information and communications, logistics and manufacturing.